Water Repipe Specialist

Do any of these problems seem familiar?

  • You can’t take a shower while doing laundry because of poor water pressure. 
  • You get scalded in the shower when someone turns water on elsewhere or flushes a toilet.
  • The water coming out of a faucet or shower head smells dirty.
  • You suspect that your house is leaking water somewhere, maybe between the walls or from the ceiling.
  • Your water looks rusty or yellow colored.
  • Your water pressure seems lower than usual.

If yes, then you may benefit from discussing repiping options with REI Plumbing. 

We will complete an inspection and provide an honest recommendation on whether or not you could benefit from our repiping services.

During the repiping process, we will remove old galvanized pipe from your home or business and replace them with copper pipe. 

Performing the repiping service will increase your water pressure and flow of water through your home.  It will also prevent more serious water damage issues and possibly even health issues.

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